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A Look at Homeland Security’s Latest Immigration Data
by Causes
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  • Jan

    First of all, I generally cannot accept stats unless the criteria for who is counted, the criteria for how they are categorized, whether any if the criteria has been modified, how are the ICE provided counts verified, and how were the results independently verified, presented along with the counts. Particularly by an administration that has often played tricks to ‘adjust’ stats to support their conclusions - kind of like Reagan with the totality US Government employees lifetime mandated 7% of payroll deposits into their pension fund, a then huge amount; He changed the accounting from this being a separate fund to instead be part of the US Budget and then had stats to claim that he balanced the budget (This would be illegal for any private enterprise to do). Details do matter! … … … Secondly, the immigration ‘crisis’ was manufactured by trump’s actions in cutting aid to South American countries dealing with food shortages due principally to climate change impact on local food sources and the ensuing gang lawlessness. Further, by touting the construction of physical barriers, quota barriers, qualification barriers, civics test barriers that he, his family nor most of his cult members could ‘pass’; he encouraged anyone planning to come here, to come here now- before all of the barriers could be put into place. (Another example of taking actions without ever even considering any if the consequences). … … … However, none of these factors can justify the treatment of immigrants at our southern border nor the the threats to our DACA population. The fact that he made mistreatment of these poor folks a for profit enterprise is beyond disgusting. Money for the ‘wall’ would have much better been spent on increasing the immigration judiciary and support staff as well as to humanely care for those held in captivity. Yes, immigration reform is needed but trump considers that working toward common solutions to be that everyone simply accept his mandates, and has disregarded legislative attempts by the Democrats - which lie buried in the black-hole of Democratic legislation on Moscow Mitch’s desk. (Again, I ask the recurring questions: “Just who the f$%k does McConnell think that he is?”; “Just what the f$%k does he do, at all?”; “Just how the f$%k has he been allowed become our Country’s Grand Inquisitor?” Really, shouldn’t any position with so much influence over our National governance be subject to Nationwide voting? I would think the Framer’s would cringe at the National authority granted to a slippery snake of a representative of only a small part of our overall Country. … … … Anyway, when we can get trump out of office, our country should be able to come to some equitable and fair resolution of these critical issues.

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