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ICE Is Fingerprinting Teen Migrants - Do You Support the Policy?
by Axios
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    Democrats, Independants and future former Republicans. This is an administration founded on lies, telling the truth is the ultimate crime in this administration and this year it has spread to the entire Republican party being encouraged by Fox News & our president. Last week the Republicans took action to become forever slaves to Trump and his mob type operations. Last night Donald Trump unleashed his Friday night massacre. Democrats, must learn to become much, much better at their game. The Republicans have been taking it to the Democratic party for years and beating them with devious strategies at every turn. With this obscene, vulgar president it could be the end of the line for our country as the leader of the free world. When he gets a second term in office our standard of living as well as our national security will be at great risk. You simply must rise to the challenge.

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