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On Labels and 'A Cool Newcomer': Key Quotes From February's Democratic Debate
by Causes
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  • Jacob
    Voted Happy

    Bernie was great. I’m glad that Pete was challenged more to show how little substance he has, hopefully people were exposed to his empty words and non answers enough to see that he is not a good choice. Yang was purposefully ignored again. When Yang did interject, he proved to have some of the most substance of any of the candidates on that stage. Biden yelled and went off on tangents as usual. He proved that he is no longer viable. Warren is an excellent politician, but is more useful to the nation in the Senate. Amy did a great job and even though she is a little too moderate, proved to be a genuine potential leader. I prefer Yang, but he was shunned as usual. With the speaking time given to each I’d still rank the winners: 1) Yang, 2) Bernie, 3) Amy

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