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ICE Is Fingerprinting Teen Migrants - Do You Support the Policy?
by Axios
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  • Dave
    Voted Oppose

    The impeachment by the Democrats and the acquittal by the Republicans has simply resulted in creating an angry, unhinged, vengeful, Rogue president in the White House. The courts are now stacked, with Mitch McConnell’s help, with alt-right judges who will further protect his lawless behavior. Today it’s fingerprinting migrants. Tomorrow it will be micro chipping them. He is totally anti-environment and is blowing up monuments and destroying eco systems for the sake of the fossil fuel industry and his stupid wall. Our waterways are you going to be ruined and the endangered species act will disappear along with the animals it was meant to protect. He will further alienate our allies and align with our enemies. We are in big trouble folks. So sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but we are screwed. And if the Democrats don’t get it together real soon we have no chance of defeating him in November.

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