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A Look at Homeland Security’s Latest Immigration Data
by Causes
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    Does the data say it all, gloss over children in cages or being sent to dangerous countries pending hearings or the rhetoric supported by the President and Republicans supporting white supremacy and Nazis. Both the President and Republicans have built (well earned) a reputation for lying and obfuscation. Basic data has been massaged to support their narrative. Note forced changes by the Trump Administration to base data provided by the EPA, NOAA, CDC, NPS and all other government Departments and Agencies. All it takes is a Sharpie or a Presidential opinion based on nothing other than Trump’s gut feelings. Do I trust these numbers, No. It would be incredulous to believe that an Administration that would stoop to changing a national weather forecast based on a lie perpetrated by this Administration would not lie to the public concerning such a hot button issue. We will see many more of these floral reports that paint a possible false positive. We will not be able to tell which may have some veracity and that is the point. Trump and U.S. adversaries want to dilute our faith in the U.S. Government. The problem isn’t the core, the problem is the Republicans and the Trump Administration. If we want to again have some faith in our Government we need to change how we choose our leaders. Choose people with sound ethics and morals. That something that Trump and his ilk have never had and something that Republicans have endorsed.

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