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Trump Delivers ‘Victory’ Speech After Acquittal: ‘It Was All Bulls**t!’, Democrats 'Vicious as Hell'
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Martha
    Voted Sad

    I'm not only saddened that we have reached such a new low in our gov. that despite the F-ing Republicans saying that Trump did commit these crimes that they refused to hold him accountable, I'm thoroughly pissed off. The disdain that they (Republicans) hold for the rule of law and for their Constitutional duties is appalling and sickening. Given their willingness to let Trump not hold Trump accountable for his crimes, their willingness to cover-up for him, and their willingness to operate a sham trial we are well on our way to a state of total lawlessness perpetrated by and carried out by our elected officials. If the citizens of this country don't stand up to this destruction of our democracy we will wake up in the very near future and realize that we no longer have a democracy.

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