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Trump Delivers ‘Victory’ Speech After Acquittal: ‘It Was All Bulls**t!’, Democrats 'Vicious as Hell'
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Sandy
    Voted Happy

    I was delighted by President Trump’s Victory Speech today. Was he eloquent? No. That’s fine. I would rather have a President who is not a showman, but is truthfully transparent. He was down to earth, and gratefully thanked the people that helped him receive the justice he so well deserved. The speech itself ran long, only because the decency of the man dictated to him that he thank individually all members of his team. Would you have heard the like from elitists like Obama and Clinton? NEVER. Either one of them wouldn’t have taken the time from making their millions to thank people, who like the rest of us, they consider far below them in every way. His speech contained moments of levity, and positivity, so people didn’t fall asleep as many of these government people do during the speeches of other members. I got very positive feelings about the future of his administration if we can keep the poison of the Democratic Party at bay.

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