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Kellyanne Conway Says Pelosi Should Be Censured for Tearing Up Trump’s Speech - Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Livia
    Voted Yes

    Nancy Pelosi had no right tearing up those papers, whether she liked Or didn’t like the state of the Union address by the president She makes a decision that should not have made And she had it planned from the beginning . She is a disgrace to her party and And her position in the house. You couldn’t help but see her, twisting her face her lips her tongue making faces she behaved like a three-year-old. Not like the speaker of the house. The American people have a right to listen to whoever is president and their state of the union speech , without having an old woman do what she did behave like a child. I happened to enjoy the president‘s State of the Union speech. As an American citizen I have that right. Without having theatrics and stupidity ,Going on behind him. I enjoyed every bit of the president’s speech and all of the people he had there, I thought it was wonderful.


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