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The DC: ❌ Senate acquits President Trump
by Causes
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  • Jacqie

    Senator Lee! Thank you for your vote to acquit! Think about how the office of the presidency is harmed by the attempt by the Democrats to weaponize the impeachment process for policy disagreements ! I agree Trump should have had a surrogate investigate the shocking actions of the Biden family rather than a veiled reference on the phone call but as a very hard working citizen I am appalled that the government had not stopped or investigated this outrageous abuse of power by the Biden’s - or Clinton’s - and had actual consequences. The reason the approval level of congress is so low is that among other reasons you guy’s get away with things we would go to prison for- and even when caught - Hillary Clinton and an investigation of over 20 million dollars she had no consequences, I don’t believe no one knew of Biden’s abuse before this past year - you must have you are smart and well connected- why didn’t you launch investigation - why wasn’t this stopped ? Who else in congress has their family members in a gravy train that in the private sector would NEVER be allowed and in many cases would be criminal behavior? Senator Romney! How could you turn on your party? You know very well that while trumps language and methods may not be yours what he did was not punishable by taking him out of office !!!! Why didn’t you introduce centure if you thought it was bad form ...I donated to your campaign and could not be more disappointed by your behavior this week


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