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Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump on Two Articles of Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • MermaidJKL
    Voted Oppose

    Trump is GUILTY, and EVERYONE is well aware of it! Unfortunately, the #TrumpGOP don't have any respect for the US Constitution and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. They worship at the altars of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Trump himself embodies ALL of those hideous sins! The only Republican who CARES & who isn't AFRAID of Trump is Mitt Romney, and the #TrumpGOP will CRUCIFY him for doing the right thing & placing COUNTRY OVER PARTY. We MUST #VoteThemAllOut in November, and that includes my TOTALLY WORTHLESS House "Rep" #NotMyBuddy Earl Leroy Carter & "Senators" David #PussyPerdue & Kelly #LackeyLoeffler, the latter of whom PAID FOR her appointment by GA Gov #KKKemp! Interesting fact: Google hasn't even updated her in its search engine, because when you Google "ga us senators" or "georgia us senators" the result still lists Johnny Isakson with #PussyPerdue!


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