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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Livia
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    I thought the State of the Union address was wonderful, he touched on all the things that America is thinking about, everything about it was great especially the warm hearted people that were there, there were a lot of great people and I appreciated seeing them even though they brought tears to my eyes. What people don’t know about this president is how warm hearted he is and compassionate about The American people. I did not appreciate what Nancy Pelosi did tearing up the speech papers I thought it was disgraceful. No respect for the position that she’s in or for the American people and what we may be thinking of her. I don’t think she cares. She has become a sore loser again along with the Democratic Party. They will never give up .They are out to destroy our country. That’s how I see it. These Democrats have been in Washington For decades, they have done nothing for our country or the American people of any color. They have nothing they can give or will take care of the American people.


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