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Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump on Two Articles of Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Livia
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    Yes I support the president being cleared. Because I watched everything, I watched and listened to Schiff numerous times tell a lie make up stories in his own head that were ridiculous and untrue. This was a one party impeachment, for political reasons only. I listened to all of the witnesses, none of them had any proof of the president doing anything wrong, it was all hearsay. The Democratic Party told a lot of untruths lies. There truly was nothing to impeach this president on except what is in their imagination. It’s extremely sad. If the Democratic Party is so desperate to remove a president who is doing everything and keeps on working no matter what is going on for the betterment of the United States As far is mitt Romney I listen to what he had to say, about how religious he is and his conscience I would like to ask Mitt Romney this question. Where was your conscience and your religious believes when you were buying companies and ripping them apart and taking jobs away from the American people to make yourself wealthy. That was the reason you were not voted in to become a president .What happened to President Trump who is a Republican thank God the Republican stuck together for the first time in history they have become strong and America loves it. This should not happen to a Democratic president either.


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