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Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump on Two Articles of Impeachment
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  • Marilyn
    Voted Oppose

    If there is any doubt that the President is not going to be empowered and dangerous after this acquittal- look no further than his embarrassing act of defiance at the PRAYER breakfast this morning. All he cares about is HIMSELF and not our country. We need brave legislators, like Mitt Romney, who have the moral courage to stand up to Trump and let him know that not only what he did was 'wrong' (as Senator Portman claimed) but was an abuse of his power and thus unconstitutional. Portman's argument did not make sense and was just a case of him being afraid to stand up to Trump. The Republican party is now the party of Trump and those who continue to support his bullying tactics are just weakening our democracy. How can we expect to unite our country when the President continues at a PRAYER breakfast to attack his 'enemies'? That word should even be used in a democracy--- we may disagree on policy but you are not my enemy... we must find ways to work together.... VOTE out anyone who does not stand up to Trump and his desire to have a dictatorship .


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