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Graham: GOP Will Investigate Whistleblower, Bidens After Impeachment Trial – Do You Support a Probe?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Edie
    Voted Yes

    For all you senators who voted for aquital, you have already let the American people down so let's just get that in the table for Mr graham. In NO WAY should the whistleblower be involved in your investigation. This is going to bite us in the ass sat some point and we MUST have protection for those who have the guts to expose your wrong doing in office, all of you. An investigation on Hunter Biden is fine as long as it is done through proper channels, not Rudy Duty. As for Joe Biden, if he did anything wrong it should be uncovered but just because his son did something does not make him guilty. If it does, look no further than the oval office.


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