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Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump on Two Articles of Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
34,332 actions taken this week
  • Sandra
    Voted Oppose

    Trump has children in cages on our border, some have been dispersed....their parents possibly deported with NO records kept so reunification is improbable if not impossible (Crimes against humanity).....Trump gave away secrets to Russian diplomats in the Oval office (I would think a treasonous offence).....Trump withheld money and aid to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico where hundreds of not thousands died (Again, Crimes against humanity.....if not murder).....Trump left our kurdish allies high and dry when he had the troops withdraw.....How many of our "allies" died because of that?....Trump was "tried' WITHOUT witnesses and/or documentation both of which were obstructed by Trump/the WH for obstruction and Abuse of Power....Adam Schiff was just on Rachael Maddow and said that information that they requested from the NSA and the CIA was blocked/denied or given to them in such a way, that they could not present it to the Senate. Trump's insidious corruption is infiltrating SO many branches of government and of course, the GOP....the only high note, was Mitt Romney and his vote to impeach on one of the articles....I am sure the vindictiveness of Trump will be swift and ongoing.....Lord help us, now that the destructive toddler has been given Carte Blanche.

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