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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Julie
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    Trump dove into extraordinary divisiveness at the point where the medal of honor was given to Rush Limbaugh by his wife (so very inappropriate. To invoke Manifest Destiny, a mark of shame on our country, support of the 2nd amendment, call for a pharma bill when is stuck at McConnel's desk. What A Disgrace. I DO NOT BLAME NANCY PELOSI FOR TEARING UP HIS SPEECH AT ALL. I AM IN FULL SUPPORT OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. I hope that she can manage the storm that is falling out. I feel certain that she knows incriminating information about Trump that is highly classified and dangerous. I feel that the act of tearing the speech is directly related to her visit to the Whitehouse when she pointed at Trump and proclaimed "All roads lead to Putin." OUR COUNTRY IS IN SERIOUS DANGER WITH TRUMP BEING ACQUITTED BY THE REPUBLICAN SENATORS. I AM VERY SCARED, CONCERNED, AFRAID, WORRIED ETC. ABOUT THE NEXT 9 MONTHS. PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO STOP TRUMP!!! PLEASE.


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