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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Hector
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    This man is a born liar. I never really knew they existed. I mean really mentally ill and totally untreated. It's our lives in the line and these guy's fake government has us all just sitting here. There's no word to the people, the knowledge that if we get 60% protesting, we can then do our patriotic duty and oust the President as they just did in South Korea by protesting on the weekends week after week or and we can even afterwards take it further and oust the entire government for their corruption due the Supreme Court creating a capitalism that only benefits the rich to the point of destruction. In other words capitalism has never succeeded in any time in history. In short, if you want the news it can't be from the corporate media. They are creeps, the same creeps who bought the Supreme Court to gain permanent wealth by law. What they've done is unmanly, inhumane to the people of America and around the globe, and so on. The rich push snitches are bad so crime can succeed especially their own. They use mercenaries and lack of coverage or care because our politicians are owned by the rich and by the corporations. Aren't you aware we the people don't really have a choice in anything. It's all just a business where since President Reagan has been all about just make the rich richer and everything will work that way. Well, all the rich did with the help of the Supreme Court was send over 2000 corporations to bring their production in and to China. We the people can't learn unfortunately unless we're explained to. I know we have long days at work and getting ready for work and coming home and making dinner and maybe kids time and friends time, but what happened to doing your duties as a American. Know what your politicians is or was one of them. These snakes changed it. Then protecting the Constitution is another and being involved in the community then voting and writing your Congressman and senators but because there are women now they had to change it except they decided to change the rules except unless taught or brought to Court... I'm dying here. If you wanna kill man at least share the time to even life out for people. Get rid of greed and war. Let's just get to having understanding for our time left. Sure we could wait and vote for Bernie to help us win in the ways of our Constitution and what's best for us but the rich don't want to lose power. We will have this fight with the rich so hard because the Supreme Court had their back. Even now 5 of 9 are radical Republicans which is why Chief Justice John Roberts, director of the trial said if a tie comes as to if evidence should be in the Court he said he'd abstain himself and not vote. What a crock! This guy's a Russian loving mucked up individual just like Donald John Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell. 2/3 of what Roosevelt for the people of America has been undone by the rich and their Supreme Court over the years since the Civil War. They want it all back. No minimum wage, no free anything, no real news, no respect for human life, slavery and just evil. We have our change against it and if we wait global warming will be our end. Don't be stupid. Fight for your life and those of your children for yourself and everybody else. Be American not like the people of Germany believing it's lying government. History is a great thing. Every empire throughout history has been a master of lies. So we are now watching world events involving our government and it's pushing our fellow Americans people to hate our own fellow Americans and neighbors. We've done terrors and you have to gain the understanding it takes to seek and find. We can learn from history to create a better society. It's not difficult to put two and two together but group discussions. Move forward now. Vote Bernie Sanders!


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