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Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump on Two Articles of Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Linda
    Voted Oppose

    Trump deserves to be removed from office. I thank all the Democratic Senators for recognizing the truth of Trump’s guilt and the need to hold him accountable even when the political price is hard. I thank Senator Romney for standing with his conscience. I deplore the Republican Senators who know this is wrong and are afraid to stand up for the country because Trump will be mean and they are putting the GOP first. Republicans who think that anything is fine as long as their party holds office must be removed from office since their lust for power harms the people of the country. The truth will come out. Not everyone is willfully ignorant and tolerant of corruption. But the damage to the Senate will be hard to repair. And I will be unable to believe in anything a Republican elected official says about any subject since they have abused their oath and failed to be impartial jurors, as well as failing in their responsibility to defend the Constitution.

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