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The DC: 'Socialism destroys nations' and other key quotes from the SOTU, and... ⚖️ Should the Senate convict or acquit Trump today?
by Causes
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  • Loretta

    The reality-show SOTU speech last night was a farce. The Republicans seated on the left side of the House chamber acted as if they were at a political rally, not the SOTU. Trump, as has been his entire 3 years in office, made zero attempt to unite either the country or the congress, clearly addressing the majority of his remarks to the Republican side of the chamber. Once, it would have been a scandal if the President so blatantly and repeatedly lied in a SOTU, claiming achievements he did not earn and supporting issues his administration is actively working to destroy. Trump’s claims that he is the champion of “pre-existing conditions” is proven false by his administration’s continued legal battle to gut the ACA, which of course will eliminate the protections those of us with pre-existing conditions have enjoyed since the ACA was signed into law in the Obama administration. It is disgraceful that the Republicans in Congress cannot stand up for their constituents, who across all party lines and locales, put health care at the top of their list of concerns. Last night’s SOTU was like a game-show. “You get a car! You get a house! You get a scholarship! You get your husband home!” The crowning disgrace was the aware to Limbaugh, a racist, right-wing conspiracy-theorist who has contributed to the fractures in our policital system. We can only work towards ensuring that this is the final SOTU from this corrupt, lawless, ignorant and unbalanced individual .


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