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The DC: 'Socialism destroys nations' and other key quotes from the SOTU, and... ⚖️ Should the Senate convict or acquit Trump today?
by Causes
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  • jimK

    Yvonne, that was an exceptional summary of how socialism is indeed part of our society. Thanks. I really enjoy the thoughtful, insightful comments that come from so many people. On this topic alone, there are really great insights from yourself, Ticktock, Laruba, Glowurm, Dicr and many, many more. You make it interesting to be here and I hope that at least you have opened the eyes of a few of those who look but cannot see. And Glowurm, if I were ever called to defend our kingdom from the evil king’s marauding hoards, I would want you at my side to help cut a path through their obstinance.

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