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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Andrew
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    As a medical provider with 30+ years of experience I don’ t care what label you put on the health care system as long as you change it. I have watched a long and progressive decline in the quality of health care along with skyrocketing cost of care. I spend way too much time trying to navigate between the benefits, or more likely, the lack of benefits of the many, many insurance companies I deal with. If I try to call an insurance company on behalf of a patient I am subjected to waiting time that no primary care provider can spare. Many of the drug formularies are subject to arbitrary changes, so instead of discussing important health topics you get to use your 15 minutes figuring out what drug to change to, how to afford it etc. We are spending way too much money for each medical facility to figure out the nuances of each insurance plan. The Affordable Care Act was a giveaway to the insurance companies and was bound to fail since it raised insurance premiums for many that had previously paid less. Call it socialism or whatever you want, but change it because this rotten system is literally killing people.


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