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'Socialism Destroys Nations' and Other Key Takeaways From Trump’s State of the Union Address
by Causes
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  • Kathy
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    We have a individual in the Oval Office who head lives in Reality Television Show 24/7. This country would never have existed if he wasn’t born. Nothing has ever been greater than him. He uses people and situations when it benefits him and him only. He took office with a good economic, great job market and the country heading in the right direction. Was there more that needed to be done absolutely yes. Every single thing that has been done since he’s been in office was things that were on the Republicans wish list. Congress write and pass legislation the President sign bills or veto them. If it’s veto them Congress can override his veto. He lies on a daily basis and take credit for things he had Nothing to do with. Pay attention to what his Administration is doing not the BS that comes out of his mouth. Taking away Medicare, Social Security, Healthcare is been on Republicans wish list forever. These so-called socialism programs. Well baiting out farmers for problems cause by your policies is socialism, militarily industrial complex is socialism, giving tax breaks to rich is socialism , paying farmers not to grow certain things is socialism, give oil companies subsidies is socialism etc etc etc. Republicans don’t have a problem with socialism the have a problem with who gets it. They love to play word games turning people against the very things they do every single day. Not what they say but what the do, STAY WOKE

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