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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Sharon
    Voted No

    I do not need to be a lawyer to know that everything Trump did relative to Ukraine violates our constitution and the sacred democratic ideals for which America was founded. He is a loathsome human being by all accounts of his behavior prior to and now in office. I know people who had to sue him (and won) and respected business people in the building business who knew him as a huckster and forbid any dealings with Trump (because he was known to be dirty). The Senate Republicans are now complicit in the corruption of America by supporting this lawless behavior. Shame on them. Praying for everyone the Senate wakes up and does the right thing; moreover, that right minded people vote to ouster the conman in office and all those that enabled his disgusting unlawful behavior.

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