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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
34,354 actions taken this week
  • Dierdre
    Voted No

    Trump, this treasonous, autocratic, illegitimate (not freely elected), Russian agent, should be shot at dawn, publicly hung or sentenced to life, in Gitmo, with daily waterboardings, for his many high crimes, treasons and misdemeanors, against the US. Along with his evil, complicit spawn and ennablers. The entire regime is illegitimate, from the get; installed by Putin, proven by both Mueller investigation (no exonerations here....all charges waiting until Dump's out of office to indict.) and the Ukraine scandal, which are linked, in a huge, pro Russian conspiracy; to take down US from the inside, with the ignorant ennabling of Dump, an insane, violent minority, of privileged, whining, white supremacists/ tokens and billionaire oligarchs/ takers. The sooner, they're all gone; especially, that corrupt, contemptuous, turtle troll, Moscow Mitch, the better, for the nation and the planet. Do it. Your jobs, for a change. Serve your constituencies, not your billionaire donors. 75% of WTP/ voters demanded docs and witnesses called. Both parties. And you cowardly, GOPutin traitors, cringed at the Bully in Chief's thuggish threats, took his bribes; ignored your constituents and the entire country, to obstruct justice, again. Treasonous. Deplorable. A mistrial should be called and more articles of impeachment brought instantly. The swamp of DumPutin corruption runs deep. Plenty more where that came from. Stop collaborating with the enemy, or you will pay, dearly, in November, or sooner, if justice prevails; despite the GOPutin Senate's/ Dump's/ Barr's/ Moscow Mitch's coverup. FYI: Since this was a coverup, not a trial, any "acquittal", here, is fake. Like the alleged "exonerations" (from Ja-Barr the Thug), of Mueller investigations. All LIES. You have more than enough evidence, including Dump on tape, asking China/ Ukraine to investigate Biden. He's guilty, of course, has been all his life and should have been incarcerated decades ago. Not installed by a foreign power, as their puppet. Convict and remove this toxic traitor, instantly. He's bankrupting our nation, just like his casinos. Election is too late and will be rigged by Russians. BTW: you were given 120 million to fight foreign interference in our elections and $0 has been spent, to do so. WTF?!! Indefensible. PS: FYI: met this pig, in the 80's, in person, in a private client's NYE party and he made my skin crawl from 30 ft. Cokeheaded pedophile. A spoiled toddler, delusional and dangerous. He's subhuman scum (as are his corrupt cronies, his wife and his 3 oldest children.),iImpressed with how "fabulous" he is, despite being a tiny, tiny man. A blowhard bully; a malignant narcissist, racist, sexist, conman, constantly on the grift and US can do sooooooo much better. Do it, better, or get out. Next. PPS: BTW: Pence is complicit in Russian scandal, too, so, he must be investigated, impeached and convicted, along with Barr, Pompeo, Perry and McConnell. Do your jobs. Fulfill your oaths. Or you're complicit and should be indicted, too. Stop sucking at Putin's teat, ya treasonous cowards, or get out! Move to Russia. With all your ill-gotten gains. Win-win. Sincerely, a true blue patriot

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