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Initial Results From Iowa Caucuses Show Buttigieg in Narrow Lead Over Sanders
by Causes
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  • David
    Voted Angry

    If any of these Democrat candidates win in the general election, I will win a free ride to a re-education camp. My sins according to them are my being male, having white skin, being conservative, being pro-life, supporting marriage between one man and one woman, being a member of the NRA, being an orthodox Catholic, and being a veteran. There is no room for me in the Democrat party. They would kick me out if I tried to join. I would be falsely labeled intolerant, or deplorable. Their chances of re-educating me are slim, I already have one of their masters degrees in social work, where I learned all of their tricks. I also studied Aristotle along the way, which bolsters my identity as an American. In a word, I am concerned about these Democrat candidates for POTUS and my future if one of them should win in 2020. I proudly support Donald John Trump for re-election, not because I am afraid of the Democrats, but because of his tenacity and love of country.

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