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The DC: Chaos on Iowa caucus night, and... 🔎 Do you support GOP-led investigations into the whistleblower and Biden family?
by Causes
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  • RWM1701

    In response to Diana. Where to begin. You state that investigating trump’s abuse of power in his attempted extortion if Ukraine was without proof. Yet even Republican senators admit trump did what he was accused of, and it was wrong, but they don’t care enough to convict. So, your statement is bogus. And ironically, in spite of your claim enough money has been wasted in this investigation, you want to waste more in a baseless investigation of the Biden’s, with no proof, and the whistleblower, who was acting as a true patriot. And finally, you declare, in ALL CAPS that we should “move on”. Yet you don’t want to “move on”!?! Do you have the ability to understand just how ridiculous and contradictory this sounds?

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