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Initial Results From Iowa Caucuses Show Buttigieg in Narrow Lead Over Sanders
by Causes
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    If I were an Iowan, I would caucus based on who I think can win. The immediacy of saving our political system outweighs ALL other issues. Any of the remaining viable candidates will work for me on any issue. Because winning is paramount, my first choice is Biden. But he needs to up his game bigly! I need to see and hear more of him. I need to hear a message other than “I’ll beat him like a drum”. I feel like he’s acting like a candidate more than “being” THE candidate. My ideological first choice is Warren. I want everything she says done!!! I’m just really fearful that she can’t win. I am with her on everything! Everything? E VER Y THING!!! I also think she and Sanders may be more effective in the Senate... which we must also win. My second choice is Amy K., again because winning is paramount. And in a debate with trump, Amy would bring it! He wouldn’t be able to bully or distract her. She’d make his smallness front and center, then talk about real people stuff in a way real people can relate. I have no other second choice candidate, but I have to give props to Andrew Yang. He must get a Cabinet position. We need much much more of his creativity. His fresh eyed view of the problem and solution set is needed in government.


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