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Graham: GOP Will Investigate Whistleblower, Bidens After Impeachment Trial – Do You Support a Probe?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Phillip
    Voted No

    The whistleblower is afforded protections. It matters not what the whistleblower did or where his heart lies. he merely alerted the authorities to what he thought were and have been proven to be improprieties. Biden’s son was offered a job in Ukraine and once he realized it was sketchy gave it up. The president has “employed” his daughter,sons and son in law in the White House which is clear nepotism. Biden’s comment that he held up aid has been soundly debunked as it was done for national interests rather than personal and it was a joint move by multiple allies to root out corruption in Ukraine. The GOP will continue to expound and further Russian conspiracy theories till after the election. It’s purely political and a disgrace. There is NO loyalty to country or the constitution. Just adoration of the dear leader.

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