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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Fred
    Voted No

    Donald Trump is a dangerous con man. He is a clear and present danger for the entire planet. He has no vision besides more money. Has Hitler been gone that long that Republican Senators do not see that if Trump is not removed from office he will continue in his life long propensity for corruption, and become America’s first dictator? The people of this country want and deserve to know if Trump has betrayed his oath of office. All the testimony points to most definitely he has, and will continue to, if he is not held accountable. The Senate is saying the impeachment was rushed, they now have the opportunity to rectify this and they are choosing not to. Let the American people hear testimony and see any evidence, new and old. I have never in my life seen such blatant and disgusting governing by the people elected to stand up for the people of this country.

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