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Impeachment Trial Day 11: Closing Arguments Begin
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • RickS
    Voted Angry

    I think the house managers did a good job with what they had after being obstructed the whole way by the executive branch. I think they still put together a convincing case. I heard many lies coming from the white house lawyers. They changed the facts to suit the argument they were presently making. Sometimes they even contradicted themselves from one day to the next. Also, to claim that impeachment is taking away Americans’ right to vote is just ludicrous. The impeachment process is granted to congress by the constitution. It is your duty to follow through with it regardless of the proximity to an election. If not, a corrupt politician may be re-elected when he/she has violated their oath of office and the trust of the people who voted for them to begin with. It is more important due to the proximity of the election, to be fair. Nobody cares the slightest bit about wasting “paper” tearing up ballots to print new ones. Hell, here in Schererville, it’s been digital for years. I would hope the rest of Indiana isn’t worried about a couple of trees, when the future of our country is at stake. That’s just another legal distraction. Please convict Donald Trump.


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