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Impeachment Trial Day 11: Closing Arguments Begin
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    Mitch, Lindsey and a few others stated BEFORE the bill of impeachment was presented that they were not interested in seeing or hearing any evidence. They were aligned in discussions with the White House and planned to acquit Donald Trump of any wrong doings. So, they took their oaths as jurors to issue impartial justice and acquitted without demanding to see additional evidence in a search for the truth. For a group of folks determined that he was innocent of impeachment charges, they screwed themselves with many in the public. By voting to hear new witnesses and written documents as are allowed in a normal trial: 1. they would have proven innocence; they would have given the appearance that impartial justice/ “truth” was their ultimate goal. Now, you can bet that November will see many voters casting votes reflective of a feeling of betrayal. But, that’s to be seen or not.

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