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Initial Results From Iowa Caucuses Show Buttigieg in Narrow Lead Over Sanders
by Causes
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  • burrkitty
    Voted Excited

    Why don’t (moderate candidates) have more support? Because Centrist Incrementalism will kill us. Seriously. Pulling from the center has NO TRACTION. It’s just muddling around in right drifting mediocrity. “Centrist" policies are functionally right-wing policies with some thin rhetorical/label paint to try to hide it. Centrists only adopt the superficial trappings to appear to care, before falling back to mediocrity. Climate delay is Climate denial. A little bit of healthcare for the lucky is Healthcare for none. Look, Centrist democrats are reliable voters - they will turn out to vote - even for progressive candidates, and especially against Trump. However Progressives and No-Shows will NOT be motivated by centrist candidates, as we all saw with Clinton last election. INCREMENTALISM WILL KILL US. Literally. So go BIG, or go home.

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