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Impeachment Trial Day 11: Closing Arguments Begin
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Queen
    Voted Angry

    There was no trial, no witnesses, just a cowardly show of submissions by the GOP lapdogs in the senate! Their defense is he may have did wrong, but didn’t know better, in other words he is a moron! Sham trial and will be a sham acquittal, both invalid, and the stench will follow each of theses cowards for life! Many in America are tired of the #dumbdown tactics of us being told the sky is blue when we see the darkness of gray and the strom sitting in our face! We are tired of the lies, lies and more lies! The senate is interested in what lines their pockets, getting reelection, no morals, just pleasing this corrupt guilty man! They have sunk so low in respect that they shame the word! They preach daily trump over country, until it seems normal to them! They need to realize they have ~ 25% of country that will follow trump to hell with them, but ~75% are shaking their heads in anger and waiting on your demise! #RIPGOP!

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