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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Valerie
    Voted No

    After John Bolton's revelations Trump's defense team was saying that the president did hold out the money that Congress had allocated to Ukraine for military aid, but it was okay because anything that the president does in the public interest is allowed, and in the president's opinion, or that of any person that runs for office, their winning or being reelected is in the public interest. The only conclusion from that statement is that anything goes for every president, senator, representative, or elected official. They can never make a mistake, or criminally influence a person or country, or commit a treasonous act if they believe that their action is "in the public interest." We give them carte blanche to do whatever they decide, No questions asked. I am sorry, but that is not appropriate reasoning. Acquitting Trump will be the final signal he needs to go all out dictator. Once let loose he will commit more atrocities, embarrass us and alienate us from our allies and make more personal business deals openly with foreign countries that will put the US on the wrong side of a quid pro quo for his personal benefit. Is this what the Senators want? Have they decided to abdicate their duties to the whims of an elected official, and one who lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes? This is shocking and unacceptable for a democracy. We are poised to tread on dangerous ground.

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