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Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Abused Power and Obstructed Congress - Do You?
by Axios
32,856 actions taken this week
  • Beth

    Yes he has abused his office and obstructed Congress... REPOST … How did we get here? trump has often stated that the key to closing the ‘deal’ is determining what the other party wants and giving it to them in order to get the ‘deal’ that he wants. This sounds reasonable on the surface but without ‘propriety’ constraints can be egregiously abused. trump does not operate with any ‘propriety’ constraints and I am unsure if he understands what propriety even means. Isn’t this approach to the ‘deal’ exactly what a mob boss uses to, for example, bribe a policeman with extra money which they can certainly use in return for them to not pay attention to their drug trafficking. trump has used the power of the presidency to appoint woefully unqualified people to highly influential positions in return for their unquestioned loyalty to him- and uses his position to publicly destroy and punish any of them for daring to challenge him or if he needs someone to throw under the bus to excuse his own bad actions. Mob bosses would certainly dispatch any underling who stepped out of line as well. Now, look at the ‘deal’ trump struck with the Republican leadership: they wanted tax cuts for the wealthy, for themselves and their benefactors; they wanted to roll back environmental restrictions that cost their wealthy benefactor businesses’s time and money to implement and prevented them from raping our country’s natural resources; they wanted his support in nominating conservative leaning judges, even if marginally qualified, to stack the courts in their favor. In return for directing his agency chief’s to disrupt their agency’s missions to support Republican leadership’s priorities, suing to eliminate the ACA, suing to eliminate the pre-existing condition health coverage clause, cutting back COLA adjustments to indexed social security, retirement benefits and wage adjustments and other offered ‘bribes’ - trump’s use of his office and position to openly enrich himself in a wide variety of inappropriate ways would not be held in check in any way. Those who choose to blind-eye his abuses are also rewarded with cushy federal jobs for McConnell’s wife and Barr’s son, for example. trump’s extensive mob-boss control of our government through a combination of decisive public presidential punishments of anyone who disagrees and cushy taxpayer supported bribes for those who act with unquestioned loyalty has penetrated pretty much all of the executive branch and dangerously challenges the previously independent stature of the DOJ, the FED and other Agencies. The Republican Party has sadly been bribed into full collusion with trump and has transformed the once principled Republican Party into a spineless relic of what it used to be, and can only be considered the trumpublican party now. The trumpublican party’s interests are inextricably intertwined with trump’s interests and cannot possibly be counted upon to have a scintilla of independence from this mob-boss’s control- and certainly unable to hold trump in check since they have become attached to and have become part of the trump mob- and cannot hold trump in check without exposing their complicity. Thank God for the courage of the Democratic House to stand up to this tyrant. Kiss the Republican Party goodbye, since it no longer exists.

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