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Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Abused Power and Obstructed Congress - Do You?
by Axios
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  • Glowurm
    Voted Yes

    You said it, Lisa! He IS the poorest example to our country, our children, our (now former) Allies, you name it. How the trumpettes, as parents, can face their children and say that his behavior is acceptable, because the economy is doing well, is beyond me. First of all, the economy is NOT DOING WELL. Remember, his tax breaks and frivolous spending (especially on himself) has cost us, at least, a trillion dollars in debt. That’s TRILLIONS, IDIOTS! I know your feeble minds are thinking in millions, because it’s hard to grasp how BIG A NUMBER A TRILLION IS, BUT WE HAVE TO PAY THAT BACK ONE DAY. And he’s already closing in on a second trillion, I believe. How long do you think we can continue on this path? Where will the money keep coming from when we have more tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods? You think we’ll have a pot big enough to continue to pull from when you’re in dire straights? Look at how he’s treated Puerto Rico. Who will be next? IF our economy is doing well, it has NOTHING to do with him. And it is a smoke screen, a lie. When thousands of Americans are hungry and living on the streets, we are NOT doing so WELL. Secondly, he has made immorality seem insignificant and permissible. He speaks like the low-life he is, demeaning anyone who hurts his fragile ego or goes against his will. Really, you want him to continue? You want your children to emulate him? Well, I don’t! I want civility, honor, truth, back. I sooooo miss them! 😢

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