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Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Abused Power and Obstructed Congress - Do You?
by Axios
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  • JunnaLayn

    Do I believe Trump obstructed justice and abused his power? Why yes I do! In his oath of office he swore to protect the Constitution of the United States. Does anyone out there truly believe he is protecting the Constitution? I doubt he’s read it, and if he did, he didn’t look up all the words he didn’t understand. So it’s simple, he obstructed justice by not following any subpoenas - by not voluntarily handing over any evidence. He abused his power by not protecting the Constitution. Our founders were clear, they did not want foreign countries interfering in our elections. Whether our leader feels meddling is OK because he thinks he should be president and that would be best for our country ... I don’t think the forefathers thought that.

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