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Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Abused Power and Obstructed Congress - Do You?
by Axios
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  • Livia

    I don’t know who is taking the pole, nor do I believe the pole that they are saying that the Americans believe that Donald Trump did something wrong, I wasn’t polled my husband is a Democrat and he wasn’t polled I don’t know anyone who’s been polled in my whole community. I can give you my thoughts and you can poll that , after watching everything involving this impeachment of the president. And all the evidence that I have watched. It is not the president that did anything corrupt, it is the Democratic Party that lied did everything against the constitution, wasting a lot of our taxpayer money and our time on their hatred of this president on for politics , and no evidence. My pole is the corruption is the Democratic Party. Now watch what they do and how they will change the rules in the law, to make Bloomberg their candidate for the presidency. To hurt the other candidates from the Democratic Party who have been in it since the beginning. Mr. Bloomberg was first a Republican, then an independent, and now he is a Democrat , next he will be a communist or socialist. Just because he has trillions of dollars, he will not buy a presidency

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