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Impeachment Trial Day 10: Senate Rejects Additional Witnesses, Vote on President Trump's Conviction or Acquittal to Occur Wednesday
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Ga
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    The socialist left are crying foul because they didn't get their way to bring in additional witnesses. It's laughable because the House didn't allow any witnesses from conservatives that they didn't 'approve' of during their impeachment process--they rigged the process--and, the impeachment was partisan (never has happened in history before during impeachment); not a single conservative vote. Yesterday Romney voted to bring in more witnesses so the vote not to bring in additional witnesses was not partisan. As I understand it, the House was to bring all facts to the Senate before the Senate hearings so Senators could decide from the proof brought to them, not bring in new witnesses. The socialist left never stop trying to change the rules to favor themselves; yet they'd never, ever allow conservatives the same right. It's past time to bring this fiasco to a close and move on to actual problems our Republic is facing.


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