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Impeachment Trial Day 10: Senate Rejects Additional Witnesses, Vote on President Trump's Conviction or Acquittal to Occur Wednesday
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Daniel
    Voted Angry

    Let’s be clear here. The President withheld aid from an ally at war for a political favour that he believes will help him win re-election. If that isn’t an impeachable and removable offence, then I fear for the future of this government. The President could have ordered the Attorney General to look into potential corruption of the Bidens just like he ordered an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. But he chose to illegally use money approved by Congress to assist an ally for no reason other than he is uneducated about the law and chooses not to try to learn. Mr. Normand, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Graham, You have all abdicated any sort of moral high ground that you might claim as ‘Christians’ to protect a person who thinks that the Office of the President is an all powerful Dictator. You’ve proven that the Part of Lincoln is a party of reactionaries with no platform other than greed and corporate welfare. I’ll happily be casting my vote next month and in November for your competitors as well as any person not a member of the Republican Party. I will not miss you when you’re gone. I will be working to make sure that you and your associates are gone.

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