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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • PLD
    Voted No

    Let’s face it, there was NEVER a plan to seek the truth or a real “trial.” Without allowing witness testimony and written evidence, the plan has been a success- No actual trial but, an acquittal. It’s an acquittal that sets precedents that give the President far more power over other branches contrary to the Constitutional “System of Checks and Balances;” defies the “Rule of Law” by allowing the President a clear ability to defy laws applicable to all other Americans; and now allows the interference in American elections by foreign governments at the request of the President (using Congressional funding as coercive leverage. Yes, the loyalty of the Senate GOP Majority to Donald Trump in defiance of the oath they took to protect the Constitution will have a definite impact on cherished democratic principles intended to be protected by our Forefathers. Heaven protect us from the repercussions of their victory in the game of party politics! It is now more important for American voters to participate in November elections and to work judiciously to safeguard those voting rights of all Americans!

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