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Vote Today: Should the Senate Acquit President Donald Trump?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Allan
    Voted Yes

    Well they did just that ! What you gonna do now !! The logical course of action for you idiots is to go back to the house and call your own witnesses. It is not the senate’s job to prove your case they are a jury and a jury only !! Now you sound like losers when you cry foul it’s not the senate fault you didn’t do your job. In my opinion you could fish till you’re blue in the face and you won’t find anything impeachable!!! To Maria Can’t vote well add Patty Murray the tennis shoe lady you voted wrong. But your seats are safe so you don’t care!! You socialist Democrats, I should use the word communists !! Are destroying the Democrat party from the inside. Your plan was to do it destroy the country from the inside but it isn’t working out well for you!! The next 10 months are going to be very disappointing!! four years after Trumps Landslide reelection, history will send your party and your ideology to the dustbin of history!! This website is nothing but a bunch of Brain dead lemmings!!! you no nothing but talking points and The distorted propaganda said fed you you by CNN and MSLSD... Keep it up you aren’t changing anybody’s mind and every day when I read this tripe on Countable it gives me a good laugh!! But it makes me sad to realize that the fact that there are so many morons in this country!! You go to your safe space and cry your eyes out hug your blankets and pray to Moloch your god !! Dream of killing more babies and your socialist utopia ... I’m going to have a nice day and rejoice in the fact that common sense has one again Won the day

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