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Impeachment Trial Day 10: Senate Rejects Additional Witnesses, Vote on President Trump's Conviction or Acquittal to Occur Wednesday
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Glowurm
    Voted Angry

    Murkowski you’re a coward and a worthless piece of 💩, if you do not vote for witnesses. Dan and Don, you’re just the same. You’ll NEVER get my vote again and I will vote for term limits to get all your stinky asses out of my government! Your greed, corruption and lies are unconscionable. You are NOT patriotic Americans. You WILL pay for this - either here, in hell or BOTH! The sad thing is that the rest of us will be royally screwed. People, watch CBS This Morning, today’s episode, and look at the truth of how much of the American pie goes to the top 1%. If that doesn’t open your eyes to how the Republicans have been screwing you for years, nothing will! They made their money off OUR backs, with low wages and no benefits. That is why they are so rich. Now we must make them pay it back! And you are saying that is not okay? I’ve never seen such stupid people in my life - the trumplicans. Just wait. You vote him back in November and you will really see how much he gives a damn about anyone but the top 1%. When Greedy Zuckerberg, and his ilk, give him carte blanche, there is little hope for the majority of us! Zuckerberg, I hope you and your family wind up rotting in the hell you will have helped to create. That goes for ALL you Republican members of Congress, too. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe our Senators would believe it was alright to have foreign influence in our elections. Iran, if you are listening, please take him out - doing what the Russians keep doing for him. Interfere for those of us who want him out. Please do us a favor. The Republicans say this is okay. So, please, help us. It looks like our own elected officials will not. China, you don’t like him either. Get someone in who has half a brain and will make a deal that’s good for both of our countries? Any other country want to help get rid of him? Germany, France, England? We, the honest and intelligent Americans, want him out. Please help us. The Republicans are saying it’s okay! Right? It’s okay to solicit foreign help in our elections. Isn’t that what I hear? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander -eh? PLEASE, ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHO ARE WILLING TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH AND DIGNITY, HELP US TO GET RID OF OUR TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF. AS SOON AS THEY VOTE TO ALLOW HIM TO CONTINUE, THEN WE CAN CONTINUE, TOO. GET READY, I BELIEVE IT WILL SOON BE CONSIDERED OKAY!

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