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Should Congress Prohibit the Use of Military Force Against Iran?
by Causes
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  • Peggy
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    The "nuclear toothpaste" is out of the tube and isn't going back. Iran is surrounded by countries that have nuclear weapons. North Korea is the world's most dangerous nuclear power and we use weak love letters from the White House in a vain attempt at pacification. Yet, we get our panties in a twist and threaten military force over Iran, which has every bit as much right to protect itself as does Isreal. We need to ditch the heated rhetoric and substitute a little logic and common sense instead. We have not had an even handed nuclear policy in my lifetime. Congress, DOD, our intelligence agencies and the White House need to go back to the drawing board and stop playing games. Unfortunately, the world needs a policeman. If we abdicate that job or mishandle it, as we are doing, in the end we will pay. Again. Even Handed nuclear policy is needed. We can't smile at Israel and Pakistan and India and North Korea or even the Saudis and then throw our weight around with Iran and have any credibility.

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