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Impeachment Trial Day 9: Trump Team Argued Yesterday Quid Pro Quo for Reelection Isn’t Impeachable – What Will They Argue Today?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Jeff
    Voted Angry

    Called my asshole senators and of course their voicemail is full and they don’t want to hear it. Sent them messages, I know I won’t hear back. This whole fucking sham is an American disgrace and these assholes are creating a monarchy. All I got left to say to these “state power” IDIOTS who are giving up their congressional power forever is that the next woman to take the presidency will reinvent the country in her image and I’m not sticking around to see another year of Trump and his bullshit monarchy. American democratic experiment FAILED. SO MUCH FOR THE BOSTON TEA PARTY. SO MUCH FOR “AMERICA SHALL HAVE NO KING.” GUESS WHAT. SO MUCH FOR STATES POWERS. ITS A GOD. DAMNED. MONARCHY. NOW. Why DID America fail? The constitution requires that the presidency WANTS to do things that are pro-America and not solely pro-trump. If not, the ONLY remedy is impeachment. And the retardicans are ceding that power because they think “go red team” is more important.

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