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Impeachment Trial Day 9: Trump Team Argued Yesterday Quid Pro Quo for Reelection Isn’t Impeachable – What Will They Argue Today?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jane
    Voted Angry

    I have never seen a such a display of legislative injustice in my life! Alan Dershowitz basically equated Trump’s personal best interest with the best interest of the USA; Rand Paul got a hold of a microphone and announced the name of the whistleblower - a federal crime; Lev Parnas implicated Lindsay Graham in the Ukrainian scandal - WTF! If the Senate votes to withhold any witnesses with the idea that’s the only way they will be able to “legitimately” vote for acquittal, the country is lost. I will say the bar for removing the President is high for a reason, and I really never expected it to happen, but I never thought it was because they were all in on it!! Senator Toomey - I offer this warning - keeping Trump in office by skewing the trial will rebound on you and your colleagues. At some point, Trump will make decisions, and you will have no power left to stop him. The entire legislature will become powerless and irrelevant.

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