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Women Outnumber Men in the U.S. Workforce for First Time in Nearly a Decade
by Causes
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  • J.Maurice
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    I would hope sincerely all women rise up and do you duty to what they are sworn to do and take over as well presenting more evidence against Trump and witnesses against the White House and vice President Pence in this IMPEACHMENT trail this needs to be done more needs to be present it to your diligence and showing truth fact evidence it’s very crucial women step it up thanks we greatly appreciate it we the people by the people of this nation appreciate you keep winning I really sincerely pray and have hope deep hope that all women will come together in solidarity 1 million woman’s march along with all allies for impeachment of President Trump this needs to be done contact majority of Republicans for evidence witnesses and clear Justice and upholding democracy and a republic by protecting all we hold value in Moreau. For the future we want to leave it to be interested as well to have trust in one another as well peace in our nation and for our allies and BeyondNation’s


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