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Impeachment Trial Day 9: Trump Team Argued Yesterday Quid Pro Quo for Reelection Isn’t Impeachable – What Will They Argue Today?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • John
    Voted Apathetic

    LIARS FOR HIRE. Trumps defense counsel Dear Senators and Mr Taylor. I am pretty disgusted with your Republican Party and your involvement in this Impeachment Process. From the outset you arrived at a preconceived decision that you would not impeach Trump. Despite the overwhelming evidence to support the Two Articles of Impeachment you have refused to consider this evidence, claiming falsely that the crime does not rise to the level of Impeachment. This is NOT a trial and is a complete Republican Coverup. You have allowed no witnesses and required no White House documents. This is a sham and you’all a disgrace to America and the rule of Law. All of you are now complicit in the the downfall of America and allowing Trump to collude with Vladimir Putin and Russia to destroy Democracy and America. Congratulations you fools and traitors. I pledge with all my efforts to remove you and any Republican Party member from office and will block you from ever holding office again. Until the Republican Party can regain any credibility and esteem and remove your nose from Trump’s Ass , you will be forever, denigrate in the eyes of most Americans. You are truly fascist suckers. Sincerely John Psutka.

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