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Impeachment Trial Day 9: Trump Team Argued Yesterday Quid Pro Quo for Reelection Isn’t Impeachable – What Will They Argue Today?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Julie
    Voted Apathetic

    I am furious that there’s any resistance to bringing in more witnesses. I’m very disappointed with Gardner’s decision to line up behind the leader of that resistance. And this most recent argument by Trump’s defense, that if he believes a prid pro quo with a foreign government to investigate a political rival is in the best interest of the country it’s ok, is the most absurd to date. I started to watch the Q & A this morning, but I found myself yelling at the TV, so I turned it off. i feel that things in our politics are at a crisis level and Republicans need to take responsibility and support the constitution, not Trump. I’m looking at you, Cory.

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