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Should Congress Prohibit the Use of Military Force Against Iran?
by Causes
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  • Thomas
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    It is well past time for Congress to assert its constitutionally mandated role in regulating the military of the United States of America. Through his lawyers, this president is asserting powers far beyond the constitution that, in his own words, make him at least in his own mind an absolute monarch. Louis XIV said it as, “l’état c’est moi.” Our less eloquent president says it as, “article 2 says I can do anything I want.“ Either way, this smacks of tyranny. Since the Senate is largely composed of presidential toadies and minions, the people of the United States must face the crisis in our government by “altering or abolishing” in the election next fall. As your constituent I would strongly advise you to think long and hard about your support of a President who has defied the Constitution and is now renouncing the Declaration of Independence.

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